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A smile to remember

have you ever heard of the phrase “picture perfect”? Yes? Of course you did. It was a phrase that is usually used if someone saw a picture of a two lovers, weddings, or even a perfect family. Mostly happy moments. Am I right? When you see a photo like that, you’ll tell to yourself, “my oh my, how perfect they are” or “what a perfect moment it is.” but if you can see, pictures are meant to be taken at a perfect moment. Even the stolen ones are a product of happy moments. We smile when photos are taken, but after that light traveled through our eyes, we tend to stop smiling and go on. so how can we say that it’s a “picture perfect” if it wasn’t perfect at all? 

Post valentine.

It was a bit odd for me being in a community full of hearts and roses last valentine’s day. I really thought that it would be just like any other day until I saw how the aura of the students around me and how they smile with their partners. Flowers are given even a heart-shaped balloons. At first when I enter the university, someone greeted me “happy valentine’s day ate!” he smiled at me and I smiled back. Everybody seemed so happy, in love and excited. Some broke their heart, some fulfilled their heart’s desire and some, some just didn’t care what’s happening around them. incoherent? I know.. very well then. happy love month.. goodnight.. —last post :D

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